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Cubed Chaos

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Build your very own floating island and grind your way to the top.


  • HyKurtis

    Forum Update

    Posted Jan 30, 2019

    Hello all, I have made some changes to the forums. These changes have been made in an attempt to help bring life back into the forums, but also to wash away the old spam content. Here is a list of notable changes: - You are no longer randomly logged out every minute. - Our discord server is displayed on the sidebar of the forums. - All old threads have been moved to an archive, links to them will still work but they are no longer listed on the page. I hope you enjoy the changes, feel free to explore and start creating threads! Thanks, Kurtis.

  • HyKurtis

    Welcome all PudgeCraft Players!

    Posted Mar 11, 2018

    Hey guys! In case you have been wondering, today I merged another server of mine into Nirvana. This server was a survival server, very similar to Cubed Chaos! From today, players from the PudgeCraft server will be forwarded to NirvanaMC, so expect to see some new friendly faces! I appreciate any one from Nirvana that attempts to make the players from my old server feel welcome, so if I see this going on in chat I'll be sure to thank you. Please note: Nirvana is staying as it is, only a few things from the other server have been implemented to Cubed such as guilds and more epic features to come, but as for the general server, rules and staff team, they are staying the same as they have been. Thank you, and welcome to everyone from PudgeCraft :) [IMG]


We made a video!

We hope you enjoy our fun-filled animated parody of Ellie Goulding "Burn". This video was made to bring some awesome content towards the fans of NirvanaMC, in preparation for the release of NirvanaMC.

As for our YouTube channel, for each and every like we get across all of or videos we insist on donating 1ยข to the Human Society Charity. So make sure you subscribe to our channel over at NirvanaNetwork and if you wish to view this video on full then click here.